Policies & Procedures

Registration & Tuition

  • Trial Classes
    • A registration form & waiver must be completed for every student before enrolling in any lessons or participating in any classes
    • All dancers interested in registering will need to contact the office and schedule a trail class or classes in the proper level.
    • All trail classes are offered free of charge. 
  • Tuition *NEW!
    • A yearly registration fee will be do upon enrolling- $25/single dancer or $35/family
    • Dancers are not able to withdraw once enrolled for that session. Once enrolled, payment is due for the remainder of that session. 
      • Fall Session: late August - early December
      • Spring Session: early January - early to late June (depending on recital dates)
      • Summer Session: early July - early August
    • Fees may only be waived if a dancer is injured and submits an official physician's letter. 
    • If a scheduling conflict occurs during a session, dancers may transfer classes and complete the session payment in a different class
    • All tuition payments are nonrefundable
    • Monthly tuition will not vary based on the number of weeks in that particular month. The overall tuition balances out due to some months having 3 weeks and others having 5. 
    • Tuition is due the first of each month and is accepted via credit card, cash, or check. 
    • For our protection, all parents/guardians must have a credit card on file. If no other form of payment has been submitted before the 7th, the outstanding balance will be charged to the card on file. 
    • An additional $25 fee will be added for any returned checks or declined credit cards

Level Placement

  • Assessments
    • Move ups will be announced after the recital and prior to the summer session via email on file. 
    • Although age and number of years in each level is taken into consideration, Eclipse ultimately places dancers in their respective levels based on ability and not age/number of years each dancer has remained in a specific level.
    •  Your dancer will be assessed in their first class of each session.  If you choose to skip a session, you will be reassessed and  are not guaranteed to be placed back into the same level.
      • Example: some dancers may move up and some may be moved down depending on skill sets and level of talent.

Classroom Procedures

  • Attendance
    • Dancers must arrive five minutes prior to to class start time dressed in the proper attire, shoes, and hairstyle. Missing warm up exercises may result in injury, so dancers arriving more than 10 minutes after class start time may be asked to observe and take notes for the remainder of class. 
    • Regular attendance is necessary in order to make progress in class. Dancers who miss more than one class per month during the Spring session may not be permitted in the recital if the dance routine is not learned. This is at the teacher’s discretion. Attendance at Dress Rehearsal is also required of all recital participants.
  • Makeup Classes
    • Absences may be made up in the same class if it is offered a different day/time or in a class of a lower level. Classes must be made up within one month of the absence. Please contact the studio office to schedule any makeups.
    • Missed classes are nonrefundable 
    • Dancers may not makeup class cancellations due to weather or holidays unless he or she is enrolled in only one class per week. 
  • Supervision
    • Teachers are not responsible for watching students once the class has been dismissed. Dancers should wait in the lobby for rides and parents/guardians should inform the instructor or the front desk if they anticipate they may be running late.
    • Eclipse is not responsible for any loss, theft, damage to personal property
  • Food & Drinks
    • Water bottles are the only food/drink permitted in our studios. No gum chewing in the studio at any time. 
  • Parent Viewing
    • Parents/Guardians are permitted to observe class through designated window viewing into Studios J & H only. Parents/Guardians are not permitted to sit in the classroom, watch from outside the windows, or stand directly outside open doors or curtains to observe class unless invited by the instructor. This behavior can be very distracting to both the dancers and instructors. 

General Policies

  • Choreography Rights
    • All choreography learned by a dancer is the sole property of Eclipse and may not be copied or used for any activity outside of the studio's scope.  Permission must be granted by the studio for any student to use the choreography at any venue where the member is not with the studio or acting on behalf of the studio 
  • Website/Social Media
    • All imagery including, but not limited to, photographs and video recordings of a student is the sole property of Eclipse and may be used at the discretion of the Eclipse for advertising/promotional purposes.
    • Parents/Guardians who would not like their dancer's image to be used for promotion of Eclipse should contact the office. 
    • All images and videos used on the Eclipse website, social media accounts, and other platforms are for the sole purpose of promoting the studio and no individual dancer. 

Extreme Weather or Unexpected Interruptions

  • Substitutes
    • Eclipse reserves the right to combine classes, change class times, provide substitute teachers or replacement teachers, and cancel any class with five or less students enrolled. On rare occasions, a class may be cancelled due to teacher illness if no substitute teacher is available. Parents/Guardians will be notified via email on file. 
  • Cancellations
    • Eclipse follows the Duneland School System for weather closures and holidays. Updates on closures can be found on cancellations.com. Dancers will also be notified via email on file. 
    • Classes cancelled as a result of a Duneland School System closure may not be made up unless the dancer is enrolled in only one class. Dancers enrolled in only one class may makeup the class if it is offered another day/time or in a class of a lower level. 

Dress Code

  • Ballet
    • Kinder Dance and Sugarbabes may wear any color leotard, pink tights, and ballet shoes
    • Training level dancers must wear a black leotard for ballet with coordinating color level skirt, pink tights, and ballet shoes with hair in a tight bun. No visible bra or underwear should be visible under leotard. Warmups may be worn for stretching only. 
    • Instructors will make note of dancers continually arriving in improper dress code. This may affect the dancer's level assessment for the following year or his or her ability to move up. 
  • Jazz/Lyrical/Contemporary/Tap
    • Dancers may wear any dancewear of their choice, but must have hair up in a ponytail or bun. Teachers may ask dancers to take off any extra items of clothing that may affect their ability to properly give corrections or instructive feedback concerning the dancer's technique. Appropriate shoes must also be worn. 
  • Hiphop
    • Dancers may wear any loose dancewear of their choice and sneakers. 


  • Recital
    • Parents are responsible for purchasing necessary costumes from Eclipse by the due date 
    • Costume payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable
    • Parents are responsible for purchasing tickets to Eclipse performances in advance – Eclipse makes no guarantee that tickets will not sell out
    • Recital tickets are nonrefundable
    • No video/flash photography allowed during the recital performance
    • Students are required to remain backstage with instructors and volunteer parents for the length of the full show – unless volunteering, no other parents are permitted backstage
    • Beginning Kinder Dance dancers are the ONLY level that will be released during the show


  • Teacher Inquiries
    • Parents/Guardians should not engage with instructors directly in their respective classrooms or in-between classes. If you wish to speak to an instructor directly, please contact the studio via phone or email to schedule a meeting.